The UniCalendar consists of the following calendars:
 Calendar  Description
Academic - Undergraduate Dates affecting undergraduate faculty and students in relation to instruction/studies.
Academic - Graduate Dates affecting graduate faculty and students in relation to instruction/studies.
Research Dates in relation to research activities managed by the University.
Administrative Deadines* Dates in relation to organizational and HR-related matters.
Student Activities Dates in relation to student activities sanctioned by the University.
Regular Events Dates in relation to university-wide events which are regular/recurring in nature.
University Council Meetings* Dates of scheduled meetings of University councils.
Holidays Dates scheduled as national or local non-working holidays.
Liturgical Dates in relation to solemnities, feasts and memorials according to the Liturgical Calendar of the Catholic Church including feasts of Lasallian saints.
Special Events Dates in relation to non-regular programs and activities which are announced through the Helpdesk.
Collectively, these calendars are referred to as the UniCalendar.
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